Jewish writings ascribed to various
biblical patriarchs and prophets, but written between 200BCE to 200CE.
Considered 'spurious' writings.

Book of Enoch
Book of Enoch. Greek Text
Book of Jubilees
Pistis Sophia. Chapters 1 to 10
Seth. Son of Snakes
Seven Sermons For The Dead
The Life of Adam and Eve

The Bible is a valuable collection of sacred ancient texts, written and assembled over several hundred years by various authors. These texts were written to certain people in a particular time and circumstance who had common experiences and knowledge.
By studying similar literature that precedes and follows the Biblical writings chronologically, students of the Bible are better prepared to discover the intended meaning.

Apocryphal and pseudepigraphal literature was apparently intended either to supplement or supplant existing canonical literature. Many  of the apocryphal gospels offer guesses as to what occurred during the so-called "missing years" of Jesus' life -- during his childhood or after his resurrection.
Others attempt to provide support for later theological convictions -- both orthodox and heretical. 
    Whether the information found in the apocryphal literature is factually correct or not is not necessarily important.
These documents give interpreters valuable insight into what some Jews and Christians believed in various places at different times.

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